Honeybird & Birdies (ITA)

Honeybird & Birdies is one of the most unique, imaginative bands active in Italy today. Three colourful musicians, quirky like birds and sweet like honey, psychedelic honey.

Los Angeles, Catania and Torino their home cities. Charango, drums and bass their main instruments. They all sing, they all dance. In many languages and dialects. Wild, entertaining choreographies.

They merge world music energies with the sweet harmonies of folk, the playfulness of anti-folk, the angst of punk, the tropicalia of Brazil, and the enthusiasm of indie-rock in an eclectic, innovative sound.

Trademark for honeybird & the birdies are their deformed sarcastic lyrics, built into a contemporary tower of Babel and drifting easily through English, French, German and a variety of interesting dialects. Their performances are filled with excitement and surprises, with a multitude of languages and instruments, like a small live orchestra. 

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