OK Bonnie (FR)

13. apríl 2013 - 20:00 | KC Dunaj


The collective OK Bonnie was born from the meeting of Justine Bonneville (singer guitarist) and Benjamin Rippert (author, composer). The chemistry is immediate. They start their project studio with the help of Tutu (arranger, sound engineer) and musicians experiences: Phillipe Anicaux (Sergent Garcia) and Bruno Vancalster (Kanjar'oc, Muira ...).

The desire to play on stage becomes obvious. OK Bonnie becomes a quartet: Arthur bearings (drums), Baptist Giampaoli (bass), Paul Merlin (guitar) and Justine Bonneville (guitar vocals) to ensure live.

Evidence of a strong musical opening, the collective was given the remix "Ok Bonnie doing indie mix @ Tutu" single of Laurent Garnier "Pay TV". It invites Justine on her new album "Tales of Kleptomaniac".


KC Dunaj

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